Women in Church Leadership – British Urban Film Festival 2021

Women in Leadership

The British Urban Film Festival (BUFF) officially selected for screening at their 2021 edition our film, Women in Church Leadership. Congratulations to all the women who featured in the film. Women in Church Leadership will be screened on the BUFF closing night, 09th December 2021, 9.00pm to 11.15pm.

The silencing of women leaders in church history has enabled church leadership to be recast as exclusively male. Women who could only go as far as missionaries in the church had to stand back and watch their husbands or their male counterparts surpass them in positions of power. But despite that glass ceiling some women have recently broken through this barrier.

This documentary presents the stories of some women who have ascended the ecclesiastical ladder into positions of church leadership. Book your place at the showing of this film and hear from women in church leadership directly about their experience of being accepted and respected as leaders in the church. You can visit the post on British Urban Film Festival here