The History of Mary Prince

the history of mary prince

The first Caribbean woman to publish a book in the UK, in 1831.

Written by Jason Young and produced by Gospel Temple Apostolic Church, this rehearsed reading on Friday 03rd December 2021, is a dramatisation of one of the most famous Caribbean women in 19th Century British history.

It is a fascinating exploration that promotes a Caribbean woman from the shadows of selective history to the front and centre of a period drama narrative. Jason’s vision for this project is to tell the story of slavery on British plantations through the eyes of the first West Indian woman to publish a book in London in 1831 using the creative arts. It is a loving investigation of a woman’s attempt to end slavery. You will be transported back in time to 19th century West Indies and London to hear Mary Prince’s voice. Her life of hardship, abuse and slavery.

The History of Mary Prince – rehearsed reading will start at 14:00hrs in the Culture Palace, Palace Gardens Shopping Centre, Enfield, LONDON EN2 6SN. Tickets are available on-line at: The History of Mary Prince – Dugdale Centre  and cost £6.50 per person.